The Soapbox Poet


He was a bunch of pixels and a few more Victrolas. No one could loop like he could. Everyone was holding their breath for a scientific serenade, for his signature … Continue reading

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A thousand poetic thoughts in a day(unpenned) and all of them fucking recycled.Everything’s already been thoughtand it makes me bitter. You shouldn’t be allowed to usethe word “sentimental”unless you’ve read … Continue reading

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Yeah, Right

From here on outI say goodbye to theoverly sentimentaldripping sinceritypool of unreality,stepping away from the “I”of one too many poems left unedited. And from here on outno more crying aboutthe … Continue reading

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Coming back from a place like heaven,a place called Nowhere Californiawhere you pick between sea and skyand breakfast is dinner is Mexican; On the west coastwhere it’s a night citybecause … Continue reading

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Everything Sounds the Same when it’s Cold

Winter hurts the most coming home from a bitter day of school with sore fingers, bleeding fingernails (goddamn nervous tendencies are self-destructive, but so long as they’re not on the … Continue reading

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Napoleon’s Terminal

You with me in an airport waiting for the flight that might not come but it’s late (or maybe it’s early) so who cares anyway Taking up more seats than … Continue reading

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The Objective Observer

I am not the objective observer. When I look in the mirror (dare I begin a poem with such off-putting words) I am not TRYING to see the objective me. … Continue reading

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